I paid 100.00 for a pair of Keen shoes and they make my feet sore, when i contacted the company they said it sounded like a size issue and there was nothing they would do. I tried to take them back to the store but was told that I had wore them so they wouldnt refund my money.

How else was I going to tell if they were any good if I didnt wear them? I tried again after about a month to wear them, went on a 45 min walk and got home with burning sore feet.

They are not what they are advertised to be. They are *** shoes.

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I always loved Keen Shoes, but agree with other postings that quality has declined. I purchased a pair of ankle high hikers and there is a really rough pointed spot along cuff that I hadn't noticed till I wore them.

I don't have a receipt to prove I'm within warranty period, so I am out of luck.

Very disappointed with what was at one time e a high quality shoe! So sad!


I tried on a pair of Keens and within 30 seconds to 1 minute the bottom of my feet were sore/painful/burning. It was the ‘lines’ in the skin, not muscle or bone pain.

It was really unpleasant. The sales person told me he had other customers have the same problem. He said to try the Keens with leather footbed and not the ‘synthetic’ footbed.

They also have leather webbing. They did not have those in my size and I have not pursued this because it really put me off the brand.

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #686281

I bought one pair of Newport H2s two years ago. I wear these shoes everywhere, wading into freshwater, salt water, through mud and on dirty trails, climbing, jogging. They are always comfortable and I have never had a blister or pain. I actually have heel spurs that normally make it difficult to buy regular shoes. I prefer the open sandals since water, dirt, etc always fall or wash out, and insects rarely bother me.

After the first year I had a problem with some stitching coming loose on the ankle of the H2s to the point where it was about to fall apart, so I put in a warranty claim online. Just over two weeks later they gave me the online credit to get a new pair in a color of my choice. I wore this pair for almost exactly a year when the sole came loose. As soon as I got home I put in the warranty claim and got my credit in approximately two weeks for a new pair.

So here I am, going into year 3 and I have only paid for one pair of Keen's. I don't have a problem with this at all. I wear running shoes, dress shoes, casual work shoes that normally barely last a year before a sole wears through, running shoes typically only a couple months with heavy mileage, and none of the above would have a manufacturer warranty that they would honor after one year. Normally it's just tough ***, get some new shoes. Keen's makes a seriously solid product and they stand behind it. I'm not so stuck on instant gratification that I can't wait 2 weeks for them to process a warranty claim for a fresh product.

I can't believe people *** so fervently about having to email in a warranty claim (you have to provide proof of purchase, after all) or about having their feet hurt from trying on and taking home a shoe that clearly doesn't fit. I guess that's why it's called pissed consumer and not smart consumer.

El Paso, Texas, United States #669824

Granted I'm a fan of Keens, but that sound like a crappy merchandiser (ei. The store's return policy of clothing, shoes, sports equip.) anywho doesn't sound like Keens fault. Trying to find out about their warranty claims.

Ozark, Alabama, United States #621377

I purchased a pair of keen shoes and wore them as a casual shoe for a time until my everyday shoes wore out I rotated the keens into my everyday shoe. They were fine for a few weeks then I started to get lesions on the tops of my feet especially my toes.

I stopped wearing the shoes and it took about 2 months for the lesions to heal.

I thought I would try again with 2 pair of socks that was fine until my feet started to sweat I have now had the lesions for a couple of months after just 2 days of wearing them. Why would a company make something in a country that is known for making items that have destroyed millions of homes and killed hundreds of babies and has some of the worst human rights violations in the world


During the summer I can't stand to wear anything on my feet except sandals. At work I need to wear closed toe shoes.

I thought that your Hybridlife sandals would be my answer. WRONG! My feet get hot and I sweat in them worst than a regular shoe. Also the ball of my foot burns and aches after wearing them.

I usually buy good quality shoes because the price is worth the comfort, but I cheap pair would have been a better investment.

This was my first pair of Keen shoes. I doubt that I will buy another pair.


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Keen shoes


Every time I wear my Keens I get sore toe joints, its really weird. I'm going to find some secondhand Kumfs to replace them.


If you spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes and they start to come apart after only 6 months of infrequent wear, then there's a valid problem. My Keen Arroyo II shoes/sandals, whatever they're rightfully called are coming apart where the two halves of the sole are laminated together.

That's unacceptable. I filed a warranty claim with Keen. Their online warranty form makes that easy. Credit to them for that, but I just got my initial response from them after 11 days.

Again, unacceptable. These shoes are made in China, so they should not cost $100.

As comfortable as the Arroyo II is, I'll never buy another pair of Keens. I would urge anyone with feet to do the same.


I have bought a pair of keens shoes too last year,,it's durable and comfortable to use. So far I didn't have sore feet issues..


--Life is a constant change.

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I bought Keen Mens Lisbon Bison shoes. I like the look of them, but in less than a year they wore right through on the heels, and nearly through on the ball.

I have worn them a lot, including walking, but that's what they are for!

This has never happened to other shoes - I'm easy on footwear. I consider this unacceptable considering they were the most expensive shoes I have ever bought, at NZ$190 (US$120) on special, and a ridiculous NZ$270 (US$175) full price.


I don't have a beef about the shoes, but their official warranty and customer service policies are the worst I have seen. The store where I bought the shoes were great and very helpful, but the company warranty people were arrogant, condescending and anything but helpful.

They won't even look at emails regarding warranty issues for two weeks or more, and they refuse to deal with warranty problems over the phone.

I like Keens but there are plenty of other comparable shoes as good or better. My advice is, buy the other brands whose people treat you kindly.

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