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I have purchased the same KEEN brand summer shoes two times in the past and have enjoyed them and used them until the bottoms were worn smooth. The third pair that I purchased was in April of 2012 from EMS on sale for just under $100. I purchased them as a back-up pair and to use when I had to dress in casual summer wear but nicely. Because of this they sat in my closet in the box that they came in for about two years. During the summer of 2015 I started using them. The first thing that happened was that the rubber portion of the toe area on both shoes separated and then the rubber soles on both shoes separated. On one, the about half of the sole pulled off. In looking at them I could see that there was very little glue holding them together.

I contacted KEEN company customer service through the number they posted on the website. I spoke with a representative that asked me to send them all of the information through their website. I sent them a copy of my purchase receipt, a written report / complaint on the defect and pictures of the shoes showing the defects and also depicting the new condition of the shoes with no wear marks to the soles so that they could see that they were barely used.

After about two weeks of hearing nothing I contacted a costumer service representative by again, using their number from their website. The representative looked up my report and said that they would not do anything because the time of the warranty had expired. I attempted to reason with the representative because they were barely used in like new condition and should not have fallen apart. The representative was very short with me and borderline rude.

I truly expected more from their company. A good company will stand behind their product. When I spent my hard earned money for a product, I expect it to be of good quality even if time goes by before it is used. SO DISAPPOINTED IN THE KEEN SHOES COMPANY. This has been a bad experience on my mind since speaking with them last summer. I think that future buyers should be aware of it.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of keen shoes shoes. Keen Shoes needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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